Luzonica, Birds of the World, is dedicated to promoting Understanding, Appreciation and Conservation of all birds. Our organization is focused on education, bringing birds from around the world into classrooms and to educational events. Our classroom presentations are generally forty-five minutes long, but can be tailored to fit most any length of time. We are experienced in talking to groups of all ages, from pre-school through college. Our talks include two or more live birds as well as things you can touch and hold such as eggs and feathers.

Our general presentation includes topics such as the following:

Our presentations can easily be tailored to your classroom or event. We work with many species of birds, so please call us if you have a special request. Many of the birds we work with can be tied into class project themes, such as jungle animals, night animals, or predators/prey. If you would like to schedule Luzonica for your classroom or event, please email us at Thank you for your consideration. Special Programs!

In addition to general bird presentations, we have some topics that we specialize in. Just let us know if you would like a special topic focused on in your presentation or if you would like the entire focus to be on one or more special topics.

Our specialty bird topics are:

What People are Saying

"What a pleasure it was to learn so much about birds in the wild! It was very kind of you to donate your time. The children were "in awe." I hope to do owl pellet disection with them this year. Thanks so much. Education is so powerful in real life/hands on." -Kathy Ann Birrer, Teacher

"Thank you for bringing in the three birds. It was really fun to learn all of the facts about the birds. They were fun to watch in person. I always learn something easier if I can see it." -Dillon S., student

"Thank you very much for coming to our class to show us and teach us about your beautiful birds. I learned a lot about how owls sleep and catch their prey. I also learned about their habitats in the wild. I like learning about animals and seeing them, that's why I'm going to become a vet. I hope we can maybe see some more of your birds sometime and learn some more. Oh and thanks again it was really fun." -Alexia O., student

"Thank you for coming in and teaching us. I really enjoyed your two birds. I really learned a lot; the part I like the most was when you were telling us about what the birds eat and how they caught it. Thank you so much for coming in and I hope that we get to see you again." -Jacki P., student

"Thank you so much for coming to our school! I really enjoyed seeing birds I don't usually see up close or ever. I love birds, they're so interesting and extraordinary!" -Cecilia L., student

Child with one of our friendly miniature chickens at Ojai Earth Day, 2011
Photograph copyright Rae Whitney

"Thank you for coming in and showing those beautiful wildlife birds. What I liked learning about is what birds eat, the way they act, and how the biggest bird ever is the ostrich." -Alyssa R., student

"Thank you so much for coming and sharing your birds with us. I learned a lot about birds and how important they are in our environment." -Ryan L., student

"Thank you soo much for taking your time off to come in and show us your extraordinary birds! Truely, I learned a lot! My favorite bird was the Great Horned Owl because it was huge! I definately learned millions of new facts. That's so cool that the owl has three eyelids!" -Karley, student

"I thought in science class yesterday it was really cool that you brought three birds here. When I got home I told my dad and he loves birds so he really wanted to hear what I had to say. He was shocked that the falcon can fly that fast!" -Layne B., student

"I really enjoyed seeing the birds up close and have never personally seen a peregrine falcon before. That was the highlight of my day and I won't forget it any time soon." -Colin K., student

"Something I learned from you was how the great horned owl wasn't nocturnal. I found that really surprising because most owls are nocturnal. I also found it interesting how the Harris Hawk didn't use its beak to kill stuff. It used its talons." -Spencer Y., student

"Thank you so much for taking time to show us some of your truly amazing birds! The ostrich egg that you brought in was very amazing. The shell was so thick and shiny which made it seem fake and it was pretty heavy for an egg. All of the birds were so fascinating. Above all the Great Horned Owl was my favorite! I hope I can learn so much more about these beautiful birds someday." -Taylor, student

"I really enjoyed you coming and showing us the birds, it was soooooo much fun. You taught me so many different things about birds and owls. I have never felt an owl feather, I didn't know that they were sooo soft. The very talkative bird was amazing! She really inspired me to go do some research on her kind of bird." -Sarah, student

Kids touch one of our miniature chickens at Oxnard's 2009 Day for Kids. (There are 2 birds in this picture; one fake crow and one real chicken. Can you spot each one?) Photograph by Carlos J. Licea of

"I was so excited just to see the birds at first, but then when you started telling us stories and facts about the birds, I got very excited to keep hearing them because you told and showed me things I never knew about the birds!" -Cassidy, student

"I'm very happy you came in because I learned a lot. I now see much more beauty and grace with birds than I have ever seen before. I enjoyed the feathers you passed around!!! They were soft and beautiful. Please consider coming back. You made a marvelous presentation!" -Alana A., student

"Thank you so much for coming to my school. I loved all of your birds but my favorite was the Great Horned Owl because I love owls and have never seen one up that close. The most amazing fact that you told me was that all birds have feathers even the ones that look like they have fur they are really just tiny feathers." -Sierra T., student

"I really loved your presentation with the birds! I though they were all interesting and amazing. I have never heard of any of them before! I've never heard of raptor birds specifically, so I was surprised when I heard the name. I think your birds were fantastic and I learned a lot, and this inspired me to want to learn more!!! Thank you!" -Gabrielle C., student

"I really liked when you came to show us all the really cool birds. The most amazing fact was that in the dark the owl can see just as well as we can in the light. Now I can't wait until we learn about birds in science!!" -Ashlei W., student

"Thank you for coming and talking to our class about birds. I found it really fun and cool. I learned how strong and ostrich egg is and how it feels. I told my dad that I saw a Harris Hawk, Peregrine Falcon and Great Horned Owl and he said that he wished he was there. Your presentation really inspired me to learn more about birds. Thanks for the great experience!" -Jayce C., student

"Thank you so much for coming and teaching us about birds! I learned a lot about birds' hunting habits, life spans and habitats." -Morgan P., student

"Thank you for coming to our classroom and telling us about the fascinating lives of birds. I think we all enjoyed it. Or at least I did. I learned a lot of stuff like why the Falcon uses his beak instead of his claws when hunting. I never knew a lot of things about birds, but then you came and I know a lot more things than before. Another thing I learned is that owls have really nice feathers. I think that's one of my favorite birds." Dianne D., student