If you are looking for mammals, reptiles or insects, we have some other very special educational ambassador animals that can come to your classroom or educational event.

Guinea Pigs

We have a variety of guinea pigs that love to be held, snuggled and petted by children and adults.

Skinny Guinea Pigs

We also have nearly-hairless guinea pigs (called "skinny" pigs). Our skinny pigs have warm, soft skin and are friendly and personable!


Eddie & Jo are two of the softest bunnies in the whole world! They are rex rabbits which are sometimes called "velveteen" rabbits. Eddie & Jo are calm and enjoy being petted by gentle children and adults.


We have a carpet python and a rat snake available as well.  Both snakes can be petted by gentle adults and children.



We also have a large tarantula who can come to visit. She is easy to see in her terrarium (she doesn't want to be touched or held).